CCEA A2 Topics

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In the order of the specification, these are the topics for CCEA A2 Biology. Please select one to view the appropriate resources.

Unit 1

11. Homeostasis

12. Immunity

13. Coordination and Control

14. Ecosystems
A2 is 100% harder than AS. You have the opportunity to achieve a new grade, A*, for your A2 modules. In order to achieve an overall A* grade you must satisfy 2 independent criteria:

1. Get at least 80% overall average across all AS and A2 modules. For example 70% in AS and 90% in A2.

2. Get at least 90% overall average across A2 modules only.

So someone who got 90% in AS and 89% in A2 would not satisfy criterion (2), hence they would only get an A. Someone else who got 68% in AS and 90% in A2 would not satisfy criterion (1), hence the same would happen. The latter scenario is extremely unlikely because, as I mentioned, A2 is significantly more challenging than AS.

Unit 2

15. Respiration

16. Photosynthesis

17. DNA as the Genetic Code

18. Gene Technology

19. Genes and Patterns of Inheritance

20. Mechanisms of Change

21. Kingdom Plantae

22. Kingdom Animalia
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