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UPDATE: My first paper has been published in Rejuvenation Research!!! I found a 3X faster way of mildly decellularising tissue to obtain extracellular matrix as part of a SRF-funded summer internship at the University of Cambridge.

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Before the website was even anywhere near completion, this is what some of The Student Room A level biology students had to say:

"I really enjoyed that video! I have a unit 4 bio exam next week and that helped. I bet viruses/bacteria are gonna come up" - by This Honest

"Omg thats great! Actually just helped me with my homework ^^" - by mabelbarc

"im having a good look around and from what i can see its looking great, im glad its plain and simple i hate those OTT websites who's only aim is to bung everything on one page it drives me nuts when trying to find things!" - by mabelbarc

"wow, not bad  overall, the content is quite okay " - by leogirl1992

"Hey, it's an amazing site - I'm sure once it's all completed it'll be one of the best resources for A level biology students :yy:

Well done " - by thegodofgod

"I bookmarked the site " - by translucent

"what about CCEA  It looks really good to me though!" - by mmckn

"wow just checked out your website and think its pretty cool." - by Eager bug

"excellent website i will use it for biol2" - by MyYear2012

" Will definitely be using this for revision when it's ready, the pathogens section looks really good! " - by mmckn

"As for the site, fantastic job, keep it up " - by Sockhead

"ive struggled so much with feeling overwhelmed with biology revision, and i dont know where to start. but your website is just what i need! It tells me all the information i need, and the knowledge i need to then build on, and its written in a way that soaks straight up into my brain! For some reason i remember everything you have written! thank you so much " - by prettyhetty

For the whole thread here is the link

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My 2013 summer internship

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