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In order to search for your Biology exam dates, click here. This includes all exam boards, for AS and A2, and any other subjects as a matter of fact!

Exam dates are kind of important, because if you've revised everything down to a "t" (for mitosis, DNA replication or heart disease), but don't sit those exams at the right time, on the right day... it's one of those things you'll love to tell your grandchildren about, but would kick yourself for failing for an average of 5.5 years. But really, who gets their exam dates wrong?!

Tips for exam day (these worked for me every time): 

1. FFS, go to the loo before the exam. You'll thank yourself for it when it takes you 5 minutes to remember the word fertiliser and write it down as the single word answer for that 2 mark question.

2. Bring a bottle of water/flavoured water with you as well as a small chocolate bar. Taking frequent sips and the occasional snack break will be the perfect excuse for when you get a mind block after reading a question. Then you don't have to admit to yourself that you're having a mind block. Also, that thing about hydration and energy or something.

3. Do NOT keep staring at the person sitting in front/behind/next to you who you don't particularly like, and imagining that they might just do better than you.

4. If you feel like you're running out of time, stare at the clock/watch for 30 seconds. Let your eyes persuade your brain that time isn't moving forwards anymore. It's stopped, and now is the perfect time to sneak in a cheeky answer. Quick, before it starts moving again.

5. The best tip is to be confident. The only way to be confident is to have a good command of the content and knowledge. Now that you've finished procrastinating by reading this list of tips in the hope that they'll magically get you an A, get revising.

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