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WJEC A2 Topics

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In the order of the specification, these are the topics for WJEC A2 Biology. Please select one to view the appropriate resources.

Unit 3

1. Importance of ATP

2. Photosynthesis uses light energy to synthesise organic molecules

3. Respiration releases chemical energy in biological processes

4. Microbiology

5. Population size and ecosystems

6. Human impact on the environment

7. Homeostasis and the kidney

8. The nervous system
A2 is 100% harder than AS. You have the opportunity to achieve a new grade, A*, for your A2 modules. In order to achieve an overall A* grade you must satisfy 2 independent criteria:

1. Get at least 80% overall average across all AS and A2 modules. For example 70% in AS and 90% in A2.

2. Get at least 90% overall average across A2 modules only.

So someone who got 90% in AS and 89% in A2 would not satisfy criterion (2), hence they would only get an A. Someone else who got 68% in AS and 90% in A2 would not satisfy criterion (1), hence the same would happen. The latter scenario is extremely unlikely because, as I mentioned, A2 is significantly more challenging than AS.

Unit 4

1. Sexual reproduction in humans

2. Sexual reproduction in plants

3. Inheritance

4. Variation and evolution

5. Application of reproduction and genetics

Option A. Immunology and Disease

Option B. Human Musculoskeletal Anatomy

Option C. Neurobiology and Behaviour

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