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You'll notice that there are many words in bold throughout the revision notes. These words are the key words that you need to be familiar with. Often, they are the technical terms which you must use in the exams, rather than the occasional mumbo-jumbo used to clarify complex concepts. The mumbo-jumbo will never be in bold. The mumbo-jumbo gets no marks.

Very rarely there are underlined terms. These terms are not necessarily key words within that specific topic, yet they are important to know in the wider context of biology; either because they are key terms in another topic, or because they help you understand the topic at hand.

All the terms which are underlined and linked will open up a new page in a new tab relating to that term. Sometimes you must learn certain topics before you can understand others, so this makes it easy to catch up with everything. If the term you need is not linked to another page, search for it in the search box at the top right. If that fails, contact me.

Some words have asterisks*. This usually means the statement they are part of is not entirely accurate, mostly because biology is such a varied and detailed subject. Explanations must be kept simple at times, therefore some statements may not in reality be entirely accurate. In order to read the reality of the statement, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Topic Order

Under each examination board/level heading (for example OCR AS Topics) there are all the topics needed for that particular level. They may be broken down into specific units which lead to individual exams, for example AQA AS Topics has Unit 1 BIOL1 and Unit 2 BIOL2. The topics are always listed in the order they appear in their respective specifications.

*Most words don't.

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